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If you’ve flown within the last 6 years and your flight was disrupted due to an airline issue, you could receive over £550 per passenger in compensation.

At Claim Your Flight, we operate as an industry leading independent "No Win, No Fee" service evaluating all options to maximize passenger compensation and increase the chance of a successful claim.

Simply take a minute to enter your flight details to see how much compensation you are due - free of charge and without obligation.

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By completing this form and clicking "Check Flight" you agree to our Privacy Policy and Terms and consent to instruct our approved legal representative to present a claim to the airline on behalf of the passengers listed above which could include issuing proceedings. You understand that they work on a no-win-no-fee basis, which means if they aren't successful you won't have to pay anything. When they do recover compensation from the airline they will deduct their fees.

How Flight Issue Compensation Works

Under Regulation EC 261/2004 you have the right to be compensated by the airlines if you never arrived at your destination or were delayed by 3 hours or more at their fault. Circumstances out of the control of the airlines, such as bird strikes, weather, or airport wide issues do not qualify. Technical issues, crew staffing issues, aircraft mis-scheduling, and denied boarding from overbooking are just some of the few issues that do qualify. Your compensation could be over £550 per passenger based on flight distance.

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Based on maximum compensation set by EU Regulation 261/2004.

In just two minutes, check how much claim compensation you are due by entering your flight info via our online form.

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